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Our organisation

What we do

The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs (DATSIMA) provides:

  • whole-of-government leadership in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy, coordination and monitoring, and the delivery of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders. This includes key policy and program initiatives in the areas of:
    • employment and business development land tenure resolution, housing and land development in remote communities
    • integrated infrastructure coordination and delivery in remote communities
    • cultural heritage
    • cultural capability and engagement
    • Cape York Welfare Reform
    • community participation
    • retailing services in six remote locations
    • community and personal histories services.
  • whole-of-government leadership in cultural diversity policy and engagement with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. This includes policy and program initiatives, such as the Local Area Multicultural Partnerships and Community Action for a Multicultural Society programs.

Organisational arrangements

In June 2014, the department changed its service structure from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and Multicultural Affairs, to Economic Participation and Community Participation, in line with the department’s 2014–2018 Strategic Plan (PDF, 1.6 MB). Traditionally, the department has provided social policy advice to support its core business. While this important social policy work will continue, the department will focus more of its efforts on delivering services to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and culturally diverse communities to deliver increased economic participation as the key enabler to improving social outcomes.

The department also reviewed and realigned its organisational structure (PDF, 835 KB) to reflect the service areas of Economic Participation and Community Participation.